pLACES to see


The city of Lausanne is located on the beaches of Lake Geneva, with views of both the Swiss and French Alps. Lausanne's international appeal is simple to see, since it is the gateway to a major ski resort and the home of two important institutions.


Geneva is a city dominated by foreign influences. It houses the International Red Cross Committee, the United Nations' European headquarters, and 20 other international organisations. Environmentalists will appreciate Geneva's status as a "green" city, with 20 percent of its area dedicated to parks, giving it the moniker "city of parks."


Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and is well-known as a major financial centre in Europe. Zurich has a lot to offer tourists, even if they aren’t in the corporate sphere. To begin, Zurich is situated on the shores of Lake Zurich. You may get some exercise by hiking or cycling around the lake’s edge, renting a boat and heading out on the water, or dining.