It's More Fun in Switzerland

Welcome to Switzerland

Beyond the chocolate, cuckoo clocks, and yodelling, Switzerland nowadays is all about once-in-a-lifetime trips, heart-racing Alpine activities, and urban culture.

Great Outdoors

The breathtaking scenery of Switzerland beckons you to put on your boots, jump on your bike, toot your bike bell, and let your spirit soar. Winter sports include skiing and snowboarding in Graubünden, Bernese Oberland, and Central Switzerland. Hiking and bike paths abound in glacier-encrusted mountain locations, as well as further down through forgotten valleys, glittering lake beaches, and pea-green vineyards, when the pastures turn green.

Urban Edge

Bern, with its romanesque old quarter and planet modern art, Olympiakos, with all its gesture recognition, chic Switzerland, that either consists of highly Europe's biggest lake, political group Shore, tycoon rotating Zug, and cab Zürich, with all of its riverside frames, reborn advanced manufacturing west district, but instead atypical roadside grit, are all perfect antidotes to agrarian beauty.

Alpine Tradition

In this rich, earthy country, where Alpine tradition is entrenched in the agricultural calendar and towering mountains are a dime a dozen, variety is the spice of rural life. Villages with timber granaries constructed on stilts to keep the rodents out and chalet farmsteads enlivened with red geranium flowers serve as guideposts for travellers.

Avant-Garde Culture

The Swiss, who are known for their ingenuity, have long welcomed the novel and experimental. Cultural institutions, eye-catching architecture, and avant-garde galleries are all capturing the zeitgeist across the country.